The Hotel in the clouds - fog in the Kalkbrott is awesome!

When autumn starts Limhamn's Kalkbrott looks spectacular!  The air is fresh and the nature really comes to life as the weather starts to change.  There are days when the air is still and cool and fog forms in the Kalkbrott.  This gives spectacular views and I have been posting some of these on the Instagram account.  How cool is it to live so close to a place like this? 

So beautiful!

Beautiful rainbow over the Kalkbrott tonight!

There is a nice walking / running route around the top of the Kalkbrott.  There is always something to look at and sometimes you see things like this beautiful rainbow.  We are all very lucky to live in a place that gives us amazing views like this!

Rainbow by Limhamn's Kalkbrott tonight!

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Fields of wheat by the Kalkbrott - the perfect summer scene!

The area around the Kalkbrott always look great in the summer - fields of wheat swaying in the wind today! (For more pictures like this, please follow on Instagram)

Midsummer poppies at the Kalkbrott

 Midsummer by the Kalkbrott always sees a beautiful display of poppies.  I took this photo near ElinegĂ„rd today and the poppies were everywhere.  A nice walk and a nice way to start the day!

Snow at the Kalkbrott creates an amazing winter scene!

 Snow today looks spectacular at the Kalkbrott in Limhamn and it was a 'refreshing' walk around the top of it today...  I tried to capture the feeling of winter and posted this to Instagram - hope you like it!