Another amazing Kalkbrott sunset

The long winter days see the temperatures drop and the darkness close in, but when you live by the Kalkbrott in Limhamn you get to see the most amazing sunsets - the 5th December 2020 was one of the best ones ever!

The green, green Kalbrott!

It's a hot summer day and the Limhamn Kalkbrott looks so green!  Went for a lunchtime run and took this cool picture.  The kalkbrott is a sea of green and nature with Hyllie and Emporia in the distance.

Poppies and summer at the Limhamn Kalkbrott

It's nearly midsummer and everything by the Kalkbrott looks amazing!  Living by the Kalkbrott is beautiful at this time of year, the flowers are out and there are poppies everywhere :-)

Fields of gold by the Kalkbrott

 The fields surrounding the Kalkbrott fill with yellow flowers at this time every year.  It ends up being a lovely walk with some great photo opportunities - this photo from the Instagram is one of my favourites!