The end of an amazing year at the Kalkbrott!

So 2019 is ending and it has been a great year around Limhamn's Kalkbrott.  We are very lucky to be able to live, work and play around such an amazing place and there were plenty of highlights this year!

There are many nice moments that I have captured here and on the Instagram account so it's nice to look back at all the great Kalkbrott moments from the year. 

Highlights include:

- Kalkbrottsloppet in August which was great fun
- Free guided tours of the Kalkbrott
- Summer kids activities
- the festivals at Sibbarp and Limhamn harbour
- 'Allsång vid Kalkbrottet' in the summer at Four Gardens mat & bar

...and we have had the constant stream of walkers and runners enjoying the path around the top of the Kalkbrott throughout the different seasons.

Limhamn's Kalkbrott is an amazing place and we're all looking forward to more great events and activities throughout 2020.

Happy New Year!

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