Hamnfestivalen - 25-28 July 2019 (Limhamn)

This coming weekend it's Hamnfestivalen in Limhamn's harbour area.  From 25-28 July it's 3 days of bands, food and activities - check out the Facebook page (search 'Hamnfestivalenpolimhamn') or check out the website and have fun!.

Hamnfestivalen 2019

Kalkbrottet.nu on Instagram - week 29

Have managed to get some nice photos onto Instagram over the last week - follow @Kalkbrottet.nu on Instagram to see them as they are posted!

My favourite from week 29 has to be the sunset from a few nights ago:

New playground at Elinegard now open

A big playground has opened between the new Elinegard School and the new Hemkop.  There is a kind of park area with picnic tables (and a huge public toilet!) and the playground has swings and a large climbing frame.  Lots of new flowers and trees have been planted too and, even though there is a lot of building still to take place, the whole area at the east end of Limhamn's Kalkbrott is starting to look really nice....!

Elinegard climbing frame
Elinegard playground huge new climbing frame

Elinegard park area
Elinegard park area

Elinegard playground
Elinegard climbing frame and swings

Elinegard picnic benches and climbing frame
Elinegard picnic benches, climbing frame and new toilet!