Kalkbrottsdagarna 14-16 June 2019 - visit the Kalkbrott!

Kalkbrottsdagarna is coming in June with opportunities to take part in a range of activities around Limhamn's awesome Kalkbrott!

There are many different things arranged for visitors to the Kalkbrott on Kalkbrottsdagarna 2019:

Limhamn Kalkbrottsdagarna 2019
Kalkbrottsdagarna 14-16 June 2019

- Free guided tours of the Kalkbrott (need to book in advance)

- Fossil hunting - on Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June visitors can hunt for sharks teeth and other fossils!

- An outdoor exhibition shows images of the past and information on the history of Kalkbrottet

- Take part in competitions and games and even catch a pony ride from the Malmo riding club on 

There will also be coffee for sale and on Sunday the youth club will be selling sausages too.

A great weekend to come and learn more and enjoy the amazing Limhamn Kalkbrott!


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