Allsång vid Kalkbrottet! Starts 26th June at Four Gardens Mat and Spa

The first event of the season for 'allsång vid Kalkbrottet' is at Four Gardens Mat and Bar next to the Kalkbrott in Limhamn on 26th June.  Lasse Berggrensson and band will start at 20:00 so that everyone has time to get home from work and join in. 

The Allsång vid Kalkbrottet events will run for 5 weeks between 26th June and 24th July with special guests appearing every week to lead the singing :

Allsang vid Kalkbrottet
Allsång vid Kalkbrottet lineup

26th June: Patrik Isaksson
3rd July: Tommy Ekman
10th July: Rebecka Karlsson
17th July: Laila Adele
24th July: Annika Ljungberg

This looks a fun evening for everyone and think it's going to be a great summer of singing by the Kalkbrott!

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