Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 - run in Limhamn's Kalkbrott!

The annual run inside Limhamn's Kalkbrott is scheduled for August this year and on 31st August 2019 you can again run inside Kalkbrottet!

Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 run is 5.4km long and is one of the hilliest organised runs in Malmo with 120m of uphill running across the course.  Organisers say:

"The course: The first 600m. is flat, and then it goes downhill on a gravel road into Kalkbrottet. Please be aware of your footing as you run down the hill. After a little bit of flat running there will be a “little” hill that you will have to run up and then back into Kalbrottet. Here you will run for another kilometer before you will run up the last hill and exit Kalkbrottet on the western side, and run towards the finish."
Looks great fun and after selling out in previous year's the advice is to book up early!

Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 Facebook Page
Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 Facebook

Sign up for Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 at Run Sweden here: https://runsweden.se/competition/kalkbrottsloppet2019 and follow on Facebook at the Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/kalkbrottsloppet

Good luck!