Another amazing Kalkbrott sunset

The long winter days see the temperatures drop and the darkness close in, but when you live by the Kalkbrott in Limhamn you get to see the most amazing sunsets - the 5th December 2020 was one of the best ones ever!

The green, green Kalbrott!

It's a hot summer day and the Limhamn Kalkbrott looks so green!  Went for a lunchtime run and took this cool picture.  The kalkbrott is a sea of green and nature with Hyllie and Emporia in the distance.

Poppies and summer at the Limhamn Kalkbrott

It's nearly midsummer and everything by the Kalkbrott looks amazing!  Living by the Kalkbrott is beautiful at this time of year, the flowers are out and there are poppies everywhere :-)

Fields of gold by the Kalkbrott

 The fields surrounding the Kalkbrott fill with yellow flowers at this time every year.  It ends up being a lovely walk with some great photo opportunities - this photo from the Instagram is one of my favourites!

The end of an amazing year at the Kalkbrott!

So 2019 is ending and it has been a great year around Limhamn's Kalkbrott.  We are very lucky to be able to live, work and play around such an amazing place and there were plenty of highlights this year!

There are many nice moments that I have captured here and on the Instagram account so it's nice to look back at all the great Kalkbrott moments from the year. 

Highlights include:

- Kalkbrottsloppet in August which was great fun
- Free guided tours of the Kalkbrott
- Summer kids activities
- the festivals at Sibbarp and Limhamn harbour
- 'Allsång vid Kalkbrottet' in the summer at Four Gardens mat & bar

...and we have had the constant stream of walkers and runners enjoying the path around the top of the Kalkbrott throughout the different seasons.

Limhamn's Kalkbrott is an amazing place and we're all looking forward to more great events and activities throughout 2020.

Happy New Year!

Autumn at Limhamn's Kalkbrott

The last few weeks have seen the leaves changing colour and the onset of Autumn at Limhamn's Kalkbrott.  We have had a few windy days, but we have also had some beautiful days with blue skies and warm sunshine.  The Kalkbrott looks really nice at this time of year and Malmo Stad and Limhamn's Kalkbrott have run a number of cool activities too:

There have also been a number of organised activities with some fun days organised for people too:

Kalkbrottsloppet 2019 - great fun and an amazing run!

This year's Kalkbrottsloppet was on the earlier date of 31st August and it was great fun!  Warm and well supported, this event saw several hundred runners setting off down the slope into Limhamn's Kalkbrott for a timed run of just over 5km.

We can't wait to do it again next year! - photos from the last month

The amazing weather has let me take some beautiful photos of Kalkbrottet and the surrounding area in Limhamn and Malmo recently.  These are 2 of my favourite Kalkbrottet photos from the last few weeks and you can follow me on Instagram for more!

and this one:

Top of the Turning Torso tour - Malmo

The Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmo is Northern Europe's tallest building and this summer they allowed visitors to go to the top!  Tickets were booked through and on selected days HSB took groups to the 54th floor.

There was a presentation about the history of the Turning Torso skyscraper (in Swedish) with a slide show that showed photos from Malmo's past.  This slide show also gave facts and figures about the Turning Torso and showed how the Turning Torso was built.

We were then free to look around the whole top floor of the Turning Torso.  There were even telescopes that we could use to look into the distance at Denmark and the surrounding areas of Malmo and Limhamn.  The views were great and we could see for a long way.

My favourite view from the Turning Torso was this one - looking out to Limhamn, the bridge and the Kalkbrott!

Hamnfestivalen - 25-28 July 2019 (Limhamn)

This coming weekend it's Hamnfestivalen in Limhamn's harbour area.  From 25-28 July it's 3 days of bands, food and activities - check out the Facebook page (search 'Hamnfestivalenpolimhamn') or check out the website and have fun!.

Hamnfestivalen 2019 on Instagram - week 29

Have managed to get some nice photos onto Instagram over the last week - follow on Instagram to see them as they are posted!

My favourite from week 29 has to be the sunset from a few nights ago: